Tjejringen is basically a Web Ring in Swedish, with home pages made by women. We encourage quality in web design and content. At this moment (April 18. 2005) we have 363 member sites.

I got the idea of Tjejringen when I was searching for great homepages made in Swedish. Since I couldn't find what I was looking for in an easy way, I started a web ring myself.

Tjejringen is a great help for new surfers to find Swedish home pages. This ring also supports and encourage homepage-makers in their efforts to create and develop their own homepages.

When Yahoo killed I decided to leave Yahoo as soon as possible. The old Tjejringen, founded in March 20. 1997, had more than 500 members at the time of it's dead. May 20. 2001 Tjejringen 2.0 started from scratch. No Yahoo involved anywhere. Not ever. This is a guaranteed Yahoo-free zone.

There is a lot more here at beside the webring, but it's all in Swedish. Anyway, you are always welcome to check out our memberpages. A lot of our members have pages in English and other languages too.

Feel free to link back to us with one of our exotic Swedish banners. E-mail me if you want to know what they mean. :)

Tjejringen postcards are free for you to send. Please do!